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Effective Learning In a Simple Way

Dr Nasser El-Batal graduated from Faculty of Pharmacy Cairo University, with love in teaching chemistry by attractive, creative and scientific ways to deliver the info to students in an easy way.

Dr Nasser Elbatal with prescription team make effort to make the students think in a different and special way of thinking, as chemists do, and to let them reach the unexpected levels.

The modern system (E-Learning) of governmental education needs more student effort which we do instead of you and help you to find it easily, such as:

-Searching For New Related Information to understand more than what is written in front of you, then they are represented in a weekly updated session with real example.

-Updated Creative Questions’ ideas every session to see the information in the form of questions and learn how can you think to solve them.

-Being Alert, it’s difficult to be tension in all the session’s time at home! But with a special tone of voice and attractive presentation; it’s not considered as a problem now.

We Will Lead You To Be a Senior Hero With Your Dream

Chemistry in our daily life is real; but not all people make it applicable in their words, so you need to learn chemistry with a person who knows how to make you live with a chemist’s mind.

System Re-Cap

Online videos.

EKB questions every session.

EKB information in printed notes.

Coverage of all sources of questions.

New questions ideas every session.

Online Quizzes.

Online live videos.

Daily chatting discussion.

Follow up system for parents.

Updated sessions with latest governmental information in chemistry.


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